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I've Grown!

The idea of stepping onto a bathroom scale in the Western mind prompts a variety of emotions. We typically keep our weight a secret, and forever wish we could lose or gain a bit more weight. It is quite the opposite in the case of Chiconde whose dire circumstances had left this precious little boy malnourished and grossly underweight. 

Each month the 250 children enrolled in the Milk and Medicine program clamber to have their weights taken and their heights measured to keep track of their growth and development.  Expectant little faces and those of parents and relatives gather around the scale to study the numbers. There is always applause and big smiles from the children who delight in the digital record of their progress.  The parents of these young children are confident that against all odds there is enough nourishment in their diet to elicit the physical growth that should be taking place at their various stages of development.  

Through Milk and Medicine we get a glimpse of children and their families who struggle to keep living but who are grateful to see progress on a bathroom scale.



Our Mission
To demonstrate the Love of Jesus Christ by bringing orphans and abandoned children into secure families, schools, and communities.

Our Purpose

  • Rescuing children who would otherwise die
  • Empowering families to care for their children 
  • Facilitating adoptions when there is no family
  • Working alongside the Zambian people assisting them in caring for their children and rebuilding their nation
  • Helping churches educate children so they may grow up to lead families, communities, and country
  • ACE is not political, dogmatic, denominational, or partisan. We maintain very low costs of operations, exemplary by all standards. We have made significant progress, yet the need is still great.


What makes ACE effective?

What are some of ACE’s major accomplishments?

What would ACE do with additional resources? 

Photos of ACE WorkSee some amazing
photos of ACE
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Making A World of Difference Brochure

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Making A World of Difference Brochure