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Ask a Zambian child what they want and they will tell you, "I want to go to school."

Education is the single most powerful tool to bring hope to the next generation. It reduces the number of displaced orphans and street children. It prevents AIDS. It transforms young people into productive citizens and leaders in their families, churches, communities, and nation.

Zambians know this very well. Only 57% of their primary aged children are in school and 75% of their youth will never have the chance to attend school beyond the 7th grade.  When community leaders are asked what they need most, the answer is unanimous--education. Their children might be hungry, but hunger will be chased away with the next meal. If their children are left ignorant, they will never get out of the grinding poverty trap.  Many times we hear them repeat,  “Hunger we can live with, but our children MUST get an education!”

Since 1999, Alliance for Children Everywhere has been partnering with local Zambian church congregations to provide primary schools, called Faith Works, for orphans and vulnerable children. Community churches turn their buildings into classrooms during the week; each denomination taking responsibility for a few different grades and educating their children with our support and assistance. In 2007, we began the Helen DeVos Christian School, which is a quality learning institution for middle and high school students.

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