Feeding Schools

School Lunches

school_boyWe began raising funds to feed children during the school day when we realized some of them were picking at the grass mats on which they were sitting and eating them.

When food is provided at school, attendance is greatly improved. Where a mother might have kept her daughter home to work carrying water for the sick, hoping to earn a few pennies, or sent her son out to the garbage heaps to scrounge for discarded pieces of charcoal to sell, that mother will then make sure the child does not miss a healthy meal at school. Sadly, we are not yet able to provide food at all of our schools. Since few of the children have anything to eat for breakfast at home, they come to school hungry and leave yet hungrier. Please consider helping feed our school children. Click on DONATE, then choose "Feeding hungry children" from the drop-down list.  Read a story about Food for Mother. dONATE

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