It is never coincidental that a team forms or that you are considering being a team member or perhaps even a team leader!   We believe that the inspiration and the resources are all God directed.  As a team member or a team leader, you are working for the Lord and doing His work in missions. 

Different teams have different objectives in coming to Lusaka.  One team may want to “come and see and go back and tell” by visiting all of the project sites, and on returning home, work to raise money for the ministry.  Another team may have members that have construction skills, etc., and want to build or repair one of the homes or work at one of the schools.   In each case, there needs to be coordination between the Team Leader and the administration of ACE, who in turn will coordinate with the field in Zambia.   Visits to The Bill and Bette Bryant Nursery, the House of Moses, The House of Martha, Faith Works Schools, The Helen DeVos Christian School, etc. will foster new relationships and yield photos and information for sharing with others when you return home.   

Teams typically travel to Zambia from April-July when the rains have stopped and the mosquito population is reduced.  Transportation to Lusaka is not difficult to arrange and there are accommodations available for up to 12 persons in the team dormitories at the House of Moses. For more information contact

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