Safety Net Sponsor

sponsorSafety Net Sponsors are friends who “adopt” our babies and children during the critical time they are with us.  Those who pledge at least $50 each month are sent a picture and profile along with the special prayer needs. Sponsors receive a quarterly email update.

When your child moves into a family, you share the joy – and get to “adopt” another child who also needs extra care through a crisis time.  Although we never know how much time a child will spend with us, we do know it is our job to help bring each one through the hard times, and into a place where a hopeful future can be found. 

To be a Safety Net Sponsor, you can:

  • DONATE ONLINE and choose Safety Net on the drop down menu. By choosing "Recurring Billing," donations will reoccur each month on the same day.
  • Or you can mail your donation monthly and indicate your desire on your check.

    For more information or to choose a specific type of child, you may call our office during business hours at 520-751-0517 or 800-815-9095 and talk to Deb who is the coordinator for this program. She can give you all the details.
    (Actual cost for one infant’s care is $250 per month and is shared by five sponsors.)dONATE

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