Milk & Medicine Sponsor

Zambia has one of the highest proportions of orphaned children in the world. An estimated 23% of all children under 15 have lost one or both parents to AIDS.  The younger the child is when parents die, the more devastating the loss.  Most nursing infants do not survive more than a few days after their mothers are gone.

You can help us provide live-saving infant formula for babies whose mothers have died, or are unable to nurse due to HIV/Aids.   The simple provision of milk and medicine saves lives and prevents abandonment.  Along with the life-giving supplies the families are given the Gospel and supported with counseling and prayer.   
You are invited to give a donation in any amount for Milk and Medicine.  To be a regular, monthly Milk and Medicine Sponsor, you can:

  • DONATE ONLINE and choose Milk and Medicine on the drop down menu. Choose "Recurring Billing" and your $20 donation will reoccur each month on the same day.
  • Or you can mail your donation monthly and indicate your desire on your check. Click here for address.

  • For more information about Milk and Medicine, you may call our office during business hours at
    520-751-0517  or   800-815-9095 and talk to Diane who is the program coordinator. Youcan also email her.
  • (Actual cost for one infant’s care through Milk and Medicine is $20 per month.)
  • Read the stories of some children awaiting sponsors.

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