House of Moses

HouseOfMosesBefore House of Moses came on the scene, infants died for lack of milk and basic care.

Most of the babies at House of Moses have lost their mothers, many in childbirth. Some are abandoned in the marketplace or streets, and others are found in places too gruesome to mention. Many are brought by heartbroken fathers or grandparents who are grieving the loss of the infant’s mother and knowing that unless they can find help, they will also lose their baby.  Others are abandoned in the maternity ward, perhaps because the mother fears her infant will not survive in her care. They are brought by the police, the Department of Social Welfare or "Good Samaritans." Some babies who are admitted to House of Moses weigh less than 3 pounds, and although there is no specialized medical equipment, almost all of the babies do survive and thrive! Although many of the mothers are HIV+, the infant has better than 50% chance of not acquiring the virus and with medication and proper care even those who are positive have a good prospect of life.dONATE

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