Milk & Medicine Stories  

Life Saving Milk
Her biggest fear was starvation, especially for her fragile infant, Melody.


Through a Child’s Eyes
If we didn’t have the help from the feeding program, we probably would be in heaven with Evelyn.

tiny_tot Triplets
Being poor and malnourished their mother was unable to produce enough milk. Neither was she able to buy milk.
choc_straw Chocolate Covered Strawberries
How long can we feed a child in Zambia for the cost of one chocolate covered strawberry?
tiny_tot Orphaned Grandson
Before the Milk and Medicine program, he was sick and thin; now he is big, active and healthy.
tiny_tot Rainy Season
When the rains come to Zambia, the people have a very difficult time doing LIFE!
tiny_tot An Amazing African Mother
Just before my husband died, the triplets were born. Without Milk & Medicine, they would have died.
tiny_tot Malumba's Wheelchair
For the first time in his life Malumba could sit upright and roll himself anywhere he needed to go.
tiny_tot Born to a Mother with AIDS
Ruth was cautioned by her doctors not to breastfeed her new born infant or the baby would also contract AIDS.
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