Milk and Medicine

Milk for Starving Infants: Milk and Medicine

mmWhen we bury the mother of an infant, we know a few days later we will be burying her baby.

A nursing infant cannot survive without milk. A household trying to survive on one dollar each day cannot afford even one small can of infant formula. A child may lose his life because of a simple infection that could have been cured with $2 worth of antibiotics.

The Milk & Medicine program is an answer. With the provision of simple necessities, children under age 2 are saved from the risk of institutionalization or death. We provide infant formula, toddler-appropriate food, and medicine as prescribed by physicians. Social workers provide prayer, counseling and emotional support to parents or guardians.

Milk & Medicine familyYou can regularly provide this life sustaining nourishment and support for a donation of $20 per month. Just click on DONATEthen choose "Milk and Medicine" from the drop-down list. To have this gift automatically charged to your credit card each month, check "recurring billing."

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