House of Martha Stories  

Street Children 
What is it like for a child to be so alone that she has nowhere to sleep except hiding in a gutter?


His Home was the Police Station 
When the officers could find no place to take the little boy they did the only thing possible – let him sleep in the police station.

three_sisters Three Sisters No Longer
Afraid of the Streets
They could easily have become trapped, homeless, on the streets…
Christmas joy 2010 Christmas Shopping
T’was the week before Christmas and many of the 58 children were too excited to sleep...they were waiting for BOB (our Big Old Bus) to take them to town. 
angela_sing_crop Child Bride
It is not unusual for the prospective bride to be as young as 12 – or even 10 years old. 
Easter Easter Celebration
The children from House of Martha and Bill & Bette Bryant House enjoy a Resurrection Day Celebration at Beit Hospital. 
Ava and Chepego Ava Makes a New Friend 
“Where is that child’s mom? Why don’t those people have shoes? Why is that little girl carrying a baby on her back?”

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