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Resurrection Day Celebration at Beit Hospital

Written by:  Matrida Phiri, Communications Officer, Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia

On 23rd April, all 49 children from House of Martha and Bill and Bette Bryant Home attended a fun filled Easter Egg hunt at the Beit Cure Hospital, a charity facility offering surgery to needy Zambian children.  Description: IN THE CHAPEL (2).jpgAfter a lively sing-a-long, the children were treated to a special narration of the Easter story. Then the children were asked whether any of them were brave enough to come to the front and teach their friends a song while the Easter eggs were being hidden outside. It was highly amusing to see Mwape and Madalitso, both of 4 year olds at Bill and Bette Bryant Home, raise their hands simultaneously.  On being pointed at, Madalitso sheepishly looked at the floor and did absolutely nothing, as is his usual custom.  Then the leader pointed at Mwape who excitedly walked to the front and proceeded to do a most unusual dance routine. This brought smiles to every face present.

Then it was time for the hunt.  The children were split into four groups according to their ages. With great excitement everyone raced into the hunt where there were plenty of eggs, Description: SHARING (7).jpgcandy and cookies for everyone to find.  The children spread out all over the vast hospital grounds running at full speed looking for and finding the treats.  Madalitso, with his little hands (and mouth) overflowing with goodies, lost a shoe in the excitement.

In an effort to teach the children the blessedness of sharing, the Pastor asked all the older children if they wanted to share some of their candy with the patients in the children’s ward.  It was moving to see how willingly the House of Martha children came forward to volunteer.  The boys and girls then went into the wards handing out their own candy and shaking hands and making friends with the young patients.  When it came time to leave a head count was done anddONATE Mwape from the Bryant home was discovered missing.  A search in the Children’s Ward uncovered the little girl, laughing merrily with newly made friends.  All were sad to leave and will cherishmemories of this Resurrection Day Celebration for many years to come.

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