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His Home Was the Police Station

Peter’s parents died, but none of the extended family wanted him.  At only 7 years old, he would just show up at one relative’s home and then another, hoping one of them would give him a meal and let him sleep on their floor.  He would go to the busy market in the daytime and pick up single kernels of corn that fell to the ground at the mill.  If he filled his pockets full, he could bring the corn to one of his distant relatives.  Usually they would let him eat then. 

Over the weeks, Peter found himself more and more often being forced to find a secluded place behind a building, or in a gully where he could sleep.  One night the police found him.  At first he was afraid, but they took him to the police station and gave him food.  They let him sleep at the police station. 

For the next 6 months, every night Peter returned to the police station, gave the officers whatever he had been able to glean, and slept in the hallway.  One of the officers worried about Peter.  This was no way for a young boy to live.  He knew the streets were dangerous even in the daytime.  So he took Peter to House of Martha. 

At first he was scared, but the other children in the home soon made sure he knew this was a good place. dONATE We are still looking for an adoptive home for Peter.  He is intelligent and compassionate.  He has a greatsense of humor.  He will be a treasured part of the family God is preparing for him. 

Names and photos have been changed to protect the children.  The stories are true.

We invite you to provide a safety net of prayer and provision for a child like Peter.  MORE STORIES >>