History of Alliance For Children Everywhere history_native_am

  • 1969-1976: Native American Reservations
    ACE provided emergency care for children in crisis who were referred by missionaries, local churches and personal workers within the Arizona Apache and Navajo Nations.

  • 1973-1995: Child Placement Agency
    ACE (House of Samuel at that time) established and operated a child history_005
    placement and adoption agency.

  • 1976-1989: Residential Campus and School
    As the House of Samuel, ACE opened a group home and a school on a 13-acre
    campus for children with special needs.

  • 1984-2000: Guatemala, Central America
    Pioneered a child welfare ministry in Guatemala, Central America. The ministry is now entirely operated within country and includes a residential campus for 150
    children, a school and indigenous adoption and child placement services. history_ca

  • history_chld_place1989-1991: Peru
    Child welfare ministry in Iquitos, Peru.
    Facilitated international adoptions

  • 1997: Zambian partnership established

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