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Open Letters From DeVos Students

My name is Lawrence. I am 14 years of age. While in grade 3, I started doing some piece work  (odd jobs – usually hard manual labor) to help myself because by then my father had stopped supporting me financially. In grade 7, I fought until I found the money to pay for grade seven exams without the help of my father. Time came when I wrote my grade 7 exams and I passed with flying colors. I was very much disappointed with my father because he never wanted to pay for my secondary school. I ended up working as hard as I could, but secondary school was too costly for me to manage.  Then my primary teacher told me about Helen DeVos Christian School. Then my father decided to leave town. He wanted me to go with him, but I refused because I knew if I left HDCS that would mark the end of my education. It was very hard because I had no place to live and had to find all my food. But then one of my good friends at school asked his mum if I could live with them and she welcomed me. Sometimes when I am alone I do cry and talk to myself. Is my life a mistake, or if not what sin did I commit to deserve all this punishment and pain I am going through? But at the end of the day, I thank God for my future because of Helen DeVos Christian School.

rabeccaMy name is Rabecca. This year I will be turning 15. I live with my mother and my sister. I first attended school in 2001. I admired people who went to school, but my mother didn’t have money so I could not go. When she knew this, she started selling so that she finds money for my studies. A problem came in my 7th grade when my mother failed to pay school fees. My Uncle and grandparents tried hard to get enough money so I was able to finish and take my exams. I passed my exams and had the highest girl’s score in the whole school. The cut point for girls was 665 and I scored 804. The teachers were proud of me and told me of a new school that I should go to. I am now in grade 8 at Helen DeVos Christian School. My sister is now doing her 4th grade and she is just as intelligent as me. Thank you dear sponsor, my dream is to become a teacher or a doctor.

michael_besaMy name is Edward. I stay with my mother. My father died in 1997. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I used to sell vegetables so we could buy food and other things we need. It is difficult with so many in my family and no father. I wanted to go to school, but if I stopped selling we would suffer of hunger. My friend told me about a new school, Helen DeVos Christian School and that there might be people who would sponsor me.  I started grade 8 there in January. I became very happy about this because I want to be someone in the future that can help some children like me. I love Helen DeVos Christian School.  May God bless Helen DeVos and all the sponsors.

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