Helen DeVos Christian School

Seventy-five percent of Zambian young people never get beyond the seventh grade.

The Helen DeVos Christian School (HDCS) is for children living in poverty: orphans and children from households where education is a luxury.   The school opened in February 2007 with the 8th grade.  In 2008, construction was completed and students from 5th through 9th grade made up our first year’s student body. Each year, as the students progress, one lower grade will be eliminated and one upper grade added until HDCS will become a full high school in 2011.  DeVos School Newsletter

HDCS is providing a free quality Christian education for more than 300 youth who would otherwise have little hope for getting an education beyond the 7th grade.   Each of the students at HDCS receives a solid educational foundation that includes Bible study, character building and moral ethics, transforming our students into productive citizens and Christian leaders.

You can provide a scholarship for a student at HDCS for just $200 annually. As a sponsor, you will receive a profile and a picture of your student. Additionally, an update from your child will be sent at the end of each three month term and you are invited to correspond further, if you desire. To provide a scholarship, click on Donate, then choose dONATE"HDCS" from the drop-down list.

       Read some letters from HDCS students and an educator's evaluation.

Take a few minutes to read the first
Helen DeVos 2013 School Newsletter
produced by the students for a glimpse into High School life in Zambia Africa!


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