About Virginia "Jennie" Woods
Founder, Alliance for Children Everywhere

jennieVirginia is the Founder of Alliance for Children Everywhere, a Christian nonprofit organization working in Zambia Africa that establishes and operates church-based child welfare interventions, including infant survival, feeding, crisis homes, foster care, adoption advocacy, and schools. 

In 1969, Virginia began providing emergency rescue and child care on Apache and Navajo Reservations. From there she co-directed House of Samuel, a Christian adoption and child placement agency, group home and school for children with special needs in Tucson AZ. She was one of the founders of a ministry for children in Guatemala that includes a school, adoption agency and orphanage serving 150 children.  She facilitated international adoptions from Guatemala from 1984 - 1996 and from Peru in the late 80s. In 1997, she began the current ministry in Zambia.

"There is one institution on the earth today that has the resources, the expertise, the presence and the mandate to make an immediate and lasting difference in the lives of orphans and needy children. That institution, under the direction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is the Church. God created each child one by one. It is our responsibility, obligation, and opportunity to reach them, one by one."    ~Jennie

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