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Feeding Hungry Children

feedingHunger and malnutrition are the number one risk to worldwide health — greater than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

Almost half of Zambian children are so malnourished and so chronically hungry, that their growth is stunted. The most obvious sort of hunger is extreme weakness along with the cramping and pain of an empty stomach. But it goes deeper than discomfort. Malnutrition is a silent killer, often invisible to the untrained observer leaving children chronically debilitated, without the basic vitamins and minerals the body requires. When these nutrients are lacking, physical and mental development is impaired and children are susceptible to diseases and premature death. 

We provide food for the most severely affected children. We are careful to give them nourishment that is full of vitamins and minerals, food like infant formula, groundnuts (a Zambian peanut) and, when the budget allows, an added supplement called HEPS, or high energy protein supplement. Along with the food, we teach the parent or guardian how to choose and cook more nutritious foods. The children in school are likewise instructed how to make healthy choices.

Although we are often able to provide school lunches for more than 2500 children each school day and always provide infant formula and food supplements for young children to 272 families each month, we are only scratching the surface. This is an area of huge need and is proven to have high, lasting impact. dONATE

You can help us increase the number of children we can feed. Click on DONATE, then choose FEEDING: WHERE NEEDED MOST from the drop-down list.   Read stories about ACE feeding program: Food for Mother | Melody's Orange Hair

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