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two_learningEvery morning more than 67,000 Zambian children ages 7 – 13 do not go to school because neither their government nor their families have the resources to provide them with an education. Total primary school attendance is only 57%. Parents or guardians cannot afford the cost of the books, uniforms, and shoes that are required. Even if they could raise the needed funds, there are not enough teachers or spaces in the schools. Without education, these children are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty, hunger, and AIDS.    

In 1999, Alliance for Children Everywhere began opening church-based primary schools, called Faith Works, for children who could not attend school, due to financial constraints.   By facilitating partnerships with local church congregations, We have helped Christians open their buildings during the week, recruit volunteers to teach, and offer primary education to children in grades 1-7. 
Faith Works schools, located within three high-poverty compounds in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city, are providing primary education for more than 2,200 orphaned and vulnerable children without any cost to the child’s family.  Sponsors help to provide school supplies, books and a small teacher stipend.  

Faith Works studentsFor just $25 a year you can help provide basic expenses, giving a young boy or girl the opportunity to be educated.  To sponsor a child’s education for one year, click on DONATE, then choose FAITH WORKS from the drop-down list.dONATE

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