A Church Can Change Children’s Lives, One by One

“We here at Glenkirk are very excited about not only the chance of helping so many but about the lessons that we are teaching our children about the responsibility and honor of being able to help others.  The wonderful thing about this program is that we as a church have been able to for the first time, focus on a mission project that every generation at the church can participate in.  Together we’re working as a body to be the missional church that God calls us to be!  Thanks for the opportunity you have given us to work together for God’s great purpose in our lives!”

Church wide ministry:  This is how it works.
Each family selects as a gift, a beautiful handmade basket crafted by village women in Zambia Africa.  These baskets are taken home and used to collect change – pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters during the four months of your program.  Updates are mailed monthly to participants.  Children receive a “katumba” to collect their change in.  For more information on the exciting program designed for children grades K-8, see our Children’s Ministry page.

Let's get started!  Our program is FREE and will bless the hearts of everyone in your congregation.

            To get started, call 800.815.9095 or email sandra@childreneverywhere.org.

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