When children discover they can have an impact on life in this world, that discovery is life directing. The challenges of our world are formidable, but each child can make a significant difference.

C4C Kids Ministry: How It Works

c4cstartChange 4 Children is an educational program that includes a curriculum especially designed for K-8. Program duration is flexible. Through slides, real life stories, activities and crafts, children learn about life in Zambia, a small sub-Saharan African country that may have the highest percentage of orphans, per capita, of any country in the world.  The lessons inspire children to get directly involved and the change collected helps orphans and children in crisis.

Each child will receive a colorful cloth "katumba" (pouch) and each participating class will receive a beautiful basket, both of which are handmade by village women in Zambia, Africa. These will be katumbaused for collecting change that will help provide food, milk, medicine, education and "safe" homes for orphans and poor children in Zambia. Our hope is to establish a heart of caring and giving for others in our children as they reach out to those in need. As our children discover that they can help feed, educate and clothe orphans by simply collecting change, they become part of the solution and hearts are transformed.

Change 4 Children is about empowering children to make lasting positive changes in the lives of children in Africa and in the process have their own lives enriched by living the Word of God. C4C basket

  • Where babies die for lack of milk and medicine: 50 cents buys milk and medicine.
  • Where children may only eat once a day—if at all: 19 cents provides a nourishing meal.
  • Where more than half of the children can’t go to school: 5 cents a day sends a child to school.
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