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C4C - A Mission Education ProgramC4C basket

Change 4 Children is an exciting missions program that engages everyone, no matter what their age, in being a part of providing life giving assistance to orphans and abandoned children simply by collecting change. 

Adults collect change in beautiful handmade baskets crafted by village women in Zambia and children collect their change in a “katumba,” a small pouch made of African cloth.  A curriculum including crafts, activities, and interactive power point presentations are provided for grades K-8. 

C4C ProgramVolunteer driven, no budget funds required, this free program blesses not only the children in Zambia, it changes the hearts of our own children at the same time.  This is a program every Children's Director will want to look at. Change 4 Children is interactive, real-time giving and receiving.

Blessed of God, Change 4 Children brings unity, joy and a real sense of community to any congregation, group or classroom.

View the 5 minute ChaC4C Videonge 4 Children Presentation that provides information about the program and our work in Zambia.

Let's get started!  Our program is FREE and will bless everyone in your congregation.   

To get started, call 800.815.9095 or email      




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