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Bill & Bette Bryant Stories  

Adopted by Street Boys
Before Bobby was old enough to go to school, he was abandoned under a bridge in a high density shopping area.


A New Phenomena,
The Serial Orphan

Jeanne had became a serial orphan, having lost three mothers in just under 7 months.

boy_with_ball A Big Miracle for a Little Boy   
Four-year old Mekelani became separated from his parents in a crowded market. 
toddler new shoes Christmas Shopping
T’was the week before Christmas and many of the 58 children were too excited to sleep...they were waiting for BOB (our Big Old Bus) to take them to town. 
boy_with_ball Twin Boys in Need of Care  
Both born underweight, they were put onto the Milk and Medicine program, but that was just the beginning of their journey.

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boy_with_ball Time to Celebrate!  
The Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery celebrated its 10th Anniversary with cake, songs, dancing, and a big party.