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Beautiful Miracles

Recently, one of Alliance for Children Everywhere’s staff members reflected on both the poignant innocence of the sweet babies that are welcomed into the House of Moses Crisis Nursery and the new beginning ACE’s work provides for these abandoned and orphaned children. The raw emotion of her reflections are worth sharing:   

“This morning, House of Moses Crisis Nursery welcomed two special little girls. Isabella and Mercedes are 10 and 18 days old respectively, and were both abandoned shortly after they were born.  As with all new admissions to House of Moses, I eagerly went to meet our newest and youngest additions to the crisis nursery. 

Although I have now been at House of Moses for over 7 months, there is no desensitization of the mix of overwhelming feelings that always hit me when I meet these beautiful little souls. 

It astounds me how each and every child that comes through this facility are all so incredibly beautiful in their own little way.  Meeting Isabella and Mercedes was no different.  As I held each of their tiny bodies for the first time, I couldn’t help but stare in wonder at their beautiful features and captivating facial expressions. 

With ACE’s assistance, how they manage to fight and hold onto their lives amazes me. As I sat looking at these two beautiful girls lying quietly in my arms and thinking about all they have been through in their short lives, there was no doubt that God had a plan for both of them. 

It is a privilege to be involved in the miracles that He performs through House of Moses, and I pray that He continues to work in the lives of the girls as they grow stronger each day.”

To find out more about how you can donate to the care of orphaned and abandoned babies at House of Moses, click here.



2014 Annual Report

Our Mission
To demonstrate the Love of Jesus Christ by bringing orphans and abandoned children into secure families, schools, and communities.

Our Purpose

  • Rescuing children who would otherwise die
  • Empowering families to care for their children 
  • Facilitating adoptions when there is no family
  • Working alongside the Zambian people assisting them in caring for their children and rebuilding their nation
  • Helping churches educate children so they may grow up to lead families, communities, and country
  • ACE is not political, dogmatic, denominational, or partisan. We maintain very low costs of operations, exemplary by all standards. We have made significant progress, yet the need is still great.



What makes ACE effective?

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